The Winning Combination

Home Team Las Cruces is The Winning Combination you need to get your home sold.

With two Realtors® working for you, this is what we can offer:

1. We will gladly run a report, with no obligation, specifically designed to place a current value on your home and property. This is called a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). We will give you honest opinions about the listing price that would be appropriate to sell your home in the competitive marketplace that is Las Cruces in 2016.

2. We will show you how we will market your home. This includes advertising in the Sun-News, the Real Estate Guide and social media like Craig's List, Twitter and Facebook, and Open Houses for both the public and for other Realtors® (and their buyers).

3. We will explain (personally and with our lending library of professional DVDs) how to "stage" your home for quick sale. How your home appears to potential buyers is extremely important.

4. For most homes, we will only ask for a 6-month listing, not a lifetime commitment. We want you to know that we know there is a deadline to meet.

5. We have connections to buyers all over the country who have an interest in moving or retiring to Las Cruces. We are members of Leading RE, a Referral Network with other Real Estate Brokerages throughout the world. We have a lot of experience helping buyers find a home here, so we don't just have to rely on local buyers!

6. We are easy to work with. Ultimately, you are the one who determines what your home will sell for and what offer you will accept for it. We will not pressure you to accept an offer you don't believe is fair. We only get paid when a home is sold and the transaction is closed. Then we share our commission with our brokerage. Because we receive a percentage of the home selling price, it is also in our best interest to sell it for the best price possible. We will also help you qualify any potential buyers, so that the processes that occur between an offer acceptance and a closed sale will run smoothly.

7. We understand Real Estate contracts and have a network of professionals we can utilize to answer questions and get the best advice for any situation. This is one of the major downfalls experienced by many sellers who try to sell their homes themselves. Do you know how to write and enforce a Real Estate contract?

8. Last, but certainly not least, we are Realtors® with Steinborn & Associates. With nearly 100 Realtors® and three offices in Southern New Mexico, Steinborn sells more homes than the next THREE brokerages put together. Stick with the Home Team!


Who Do You Trust was a TV game show in the late 50s hosted by Johnny Carson that propelled him to fame and fortune as long-time host of the Tonight Show. It's also a prime element in who a homeowner chooses to market and sell their home in the Las Cruces market. Trust, track record, marketing ability, professional conduct and personal relationship are the key factors in determining who you will choose. We will address those key factors and more in this section of our website.